Our Story

I am a TESOL- certified teacher and an OET Premium Preparation Provider with over 7 years of ESL teaching experience. My background in Life Sciences enables me to bridge the gap between science and language, making complex medical and scientific English more accessible to healthcare professionals aiming for international careers.

Together, we’ll work towards your OET success and open the doors to exciting global career opportunities. Contact me today to schedule your first personalized OET preparation session.

Client Testimonials

"As a teacher, her dedication and support are unique, as is her acumen of the English language. What segregates her from the rest is how she handles each student as per their needs. I really found her teaching methodology smart, practical, and professional. It was a pleasure to have her as a mentor..”
Medical Officer, India
"Komal corrected 5 essays and gave me feedback for it, which helped me improve my skills and helped me achieve 430 in writing. I would recommend Komal for all future OET aspirants."
Clinical Attachment, NHS, UK
I would like to commend Ms Komal on her great job in coaching me towards my OET examination. Her efficiency and great competency helped me to pass my exams in 1 go.
Staff Registered Nurse, Malaysia
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